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This timeline brings together some of the content created during the Midsummer Night’s Dreaming project.

Our play still begins in the court of Theseus, it still has exploits in a forest full of mischievous fairies and Theseus still marries Hippolyta. The difference is, that we have explored the world around Shakespeare's text using characters that may have witnessed this fanciful story playing out. We use these characters to weave a variation on the narrative through their own interpretations and observations.

Listen to the play but feel free to hit pause whenever you'd like to explore the digital world spun around it. There are news sites, gossip, blogs, podcasts and even websites for the local pub and nunnery.

This recording was made in rehearsals by Royal Shakespeare Company actors and directed by Artistic Director Gregory Doran.


When you click play, the app will begin streaming ~110mb of audio from soundcloud.

#dream40 creates a world of new characters watching the Play from different perspectives; like a live online soap opera following the action.
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